Jul 18


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I know you can queue up units when you're only 1 short, but why not give an option to increase this number? Maybe even queue up multiple units? Or maybe even a replay/spectate mode so we could see some really interesting strats online?

Damn good idea! Ok we will try it on the next patch!

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  • Hi ED, When I hammer on the "A" button to skip thru menus quickly, the Menu System reaches a state where it will no longer take input from the "A" button. At that point, I cannot skip and the battle never starts - eventually leaving me at a black screen with looping music. lol. Here are the reproduction steps: Campaign -> Press "A" Showdown map screen -> Press "A" "This is it..." dialog -> Press "A" Shipyard -> Hammer the "A" button! "This is the last line of defense..." dialog - No input from "A" button from this point on, fade to black, looping music, controller icons in the lower left corner, "(A) skip" dialog in the lower right corner. This is 100% reproducible for me playing on the TV using the Dock. Thanks for another great game, -David
  • Its a feature! Unless its a bug so please let us know.