Jul 28

Campaign mode


Got a question here. When in campaign mode... say you lose a round and you retry it, does the difficulty go down at all on the second try? Just curious because there's been a couple times I got my butt kicked on the first try, but then on the second try, I kicked their butt lol just seeing if I kicked butt because I am figuring out that specific campaign level's strategy or if it just got easier and I am still an uber noob lol

The difficulty does not change based on your performance.


Note: If you find yourself stuck, unable to beat a mission, take your fleet to Evolve, to level up your units, win a few of those battle then try the campaign mission again.

Right on, sounds like by the second try, I had it all figured out haha. I did start doing the evolve mode to level up. that's a cool feature

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